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djeichiro's Journal

Djehoutiichiro Sa-kun
25 August
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I was born in Romania to a multi-racial family and raised with the idea that heritage is a thing to know. That is, until I was 5-ish and adopted by an American family that could care less. A lot of this journal now-a-days deals with re-connecting to my birth family and heritage. If this bores you, I'm sorry. I used to talk about other things, really I did ...

I am Japanese, East Indian (Punjabi), Roma, Romanian, Bulgarian, and English/Scot/Irish, and Jewish. In general, I love being such a mutt, but it causes its share of heartache like everything else :)

I am an artist and writer (this usually merging into manga) and I study religion, spirituality, and metaphysics with a starving passion. I AM trying to talk about these things more often, stay tuned. I am currently working on degrees in the latter areas.

I am married to mousehood and we have a lovely group of critter children (cats, dogs, rats, and the like). The household is a busy one, especially since most of the children are rescues, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

I think that covers my life as it stands right now.
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